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What your business will gain

  • Free Tools

    Register or claim and edit your business listing. Increase your online visibility within your locality.
    Price : 0 /year
  • Step Up

    Be ahead of your competitors. Gain visibility and make it easier for your customers to reach you.
    Price : 120000 /year
  • Grow

    Grow your business and gain exposure. Display your inventory to customers and let them buy instantly.
    Price : 180000 /year
  • Accelerate

    Get the features of all our packages in one pack. Go the extra mile to make sure customers transact with you.
    Price : 240000 /year

Online Profile

  • List Your Business ?
    Register your business for free on VConnect
  • Analytics ?
    Update your business profile
  • Manage your Profile / Business Dashboard ?
    Update your business profile
  • Ratings and Reviews ?
    Customers can rate and review your business
  • Google Maps ?
    The location of your business on Map

Competitive Edge

  • Priority Listing ?
    Your business gets listed ahead of others
  • Business Enquiry ?
    Customers can make enquiry about your business
  • Header Banner ?
    Custom header for your business
  • Social Profile Visibility ?
    Custom header for your business

Engaged Customers

  • Short Url ?
    Your business gets a short Url
  • Reply to reviews ?
    You will be able to reply your business reviews
  • SEO Keywords ?
    Search engine optimization keyword for your business
  • Online stores with payment gateway ?
    Online payment integration on your website
  • Remove competitor Ads from your profile ?
    remove advertisements that compete with your business from your business profile
  • Social media profile management ?
    Your social media profile is managed

Top of Mind

  • Monthly mention in mailer ?
    Get your business mentioned in our monthly emails
  • Article about your business on VConnect Blog ?
    We post article about your business on VConnect blog
  • Advise on Building a social media Strategy for your business ?
    we advise you on best strategies

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